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Interview - Whiffle Pig

Posted on 19th Nov 2012

Annie Fielder and Rachel Pratt of Whiffle Pig have created a magical world, inhabited by embroidered creatures and goodies with a distinct personality and tons of charm. Hatch'd wanted to know a little more about their wonderful fabrications.

Socially Exceptional T-Shirts

Posted on 20th Jun 2012

"The goal is simple, produce nice typographic products, that make people feel suitably awesome." This is the mission statement from Socially Exceptional T-shirts.

Hatch'd Fashion Week: Leanne Millward

Posted on 27th Apr 2012

'Neon Nature' is the title of Leanne Millward's final collection, she spoke to Hatch'd about her inspiration and what she plans to do next. 

Hatch'd Fashion Week: Lauren Bown

Posted on 27th Apr 2012

Lauren told us more about her beautiful final collection, which is inspired by the art and craft movement with a 1950's twist. 

Crooked Knitwear Spring/Summer Collection 2012 Photoshoot

Posted on 26th Apr 2012

A look behind the scenes at the Crooked Knitwear Spring/Summer 2012 collection photoshoot.

Hatch'd Fashion Week: Lauren Malia Deeley

Posted on 26th Apr 2012

We spoke to Lauren about her collection ‘un migliaio di fiori, mille storie’; a thousand flowers a thousand stories.

Hatch'd Fashion Week: Kate Wrigglesworth

Posted on 25th Apr 2012

'Drumming in the mud' is the title of Kate Wrigglesworth's final collection, Hatch'd caught up with her to find out more. 

Hatch'd Fashion Week: Tara Williams

Posted on 24th Apr 2012

Tara Williams' all white Autumn/Winter collection is beautifully simplistic yet elegant, she spoke to Hatch'd about her influences for the collection and what she plans to do next. 

Hatch'd Fashion Week: Trixie Belle

Posted on 24th Apr 2012

Trixie Belle spoke to Hatch'd about her final collection '12 Stories High' which was influenced by her time living in London. 

Hatch'd Fashion Week: Erica Godfrey

Posted on 23rd Apr 2012

Erica Godfrey, of Oddly Enough, talks to Hatch'd about her recent TV interview, the Mary Portas bid for Derby and the plans for the future of her business. 

Hatch'd Fashion Week: Michelle Walters

Posted on 23rd Apr 2012

This week we're catching up with the University of Derby fashion students to find out about their final collections. Up first is Michelle Walters who has designed a bridal collection for extreme weddings!

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Students' Designs On Success At London Alternative Fashion Week

Posted on 18th Apr 2012

Ancient tradition and the literal cutting edge of fashion design are combined in the University of Derby's collection for one of the UK's biggest catwalk shows.

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