Feature: Hatch'd Fashion Week: Tara Williams

Tara Williams' all white Autumn/Winter collection is beautifully simplistic yet elegant, she spoke to Hatch'd about her influences for the collection and what she plans to do next. 

HM: What inspired your collection?

TW: My first inspiration was, strangely enough, from a chair that I seen at the V&A museum. It was white and made entirely of paper, I loved the simplistic look of what must have been very difficult to create. From this I came up with the idea to make a collection in entirely the same shade, using different fabrics to add some depth to the designs. I looked slightly into the minimalistic styles of modern architecture which sum up the final outcome of the collection; Clean, sleek and linear with minimalistic qualities. It is an white A/W occasion wear collection which can be styled up to look different each time it is worn.
HM: What's been the highlight of your studies?
TW: The highlight has definitely been this third and final year. I have enjoyed the freedom in designing and creating a collection entirely from scratch. I am now looking forward to the Derby Graduate show on 7th June.
HM: What are your plans for after you graduate?

TW: I plan to apply for creative jobs and see where it takes me, I may even move or travel. At the moment I am leaving my options open.

Photography: Holly Booth
MUA: Sian Revill
Model: Jo Young 
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