Feature: Crooked Knitwear Spring/Summer Collection 2012 Photoshoot

A look behind the scenes at the Crooked Knitwear Spring/Summer 2012 collection photoshoot.

Shot at the ClockWorks in Derby, designer Megan Crook decided a mini festival would be the perfect backdrop to showcase her colourful collection. Hatch'd caught up with Megan whilst she was still working hard the night before, she told us:

"Tomorrow is going to be the biggest photoshoot I've ever done. We've got bands, we've got a stage, we've got guests coming and then theres a full on fashion shoot happening in the background, so that all this fun is happening behind. It's all very colourful, it's all very tactile, it is hand-made but it looks good, it feels good and it's all comfortable to wear. I've made everything to measure which is quite a feat and im just really looking forward to it'

The photoshoot featured thirteen models and was captured by two photographers; Ewan Matthers and Lawrence de Grunchy. There were performances by musicians and Geo-fest entertained everyone with a variety of skills including fire-spinning. The weather was amazing for this time of year and the clocks went back that day, officially marking the beginning of British summer time. All in all the atmosphere created was pretty authentic for a british festival -minus the rain!


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Photography: Ewan Matthers and Lawrence de Grunchy


Music: Charlotte Carpenter

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