Feature: Hatch'd Fashion Week: Lauren Malia Deeley

We spoke to Lauren about her collection ‘un migliaio di fiori, mille storie’; a thousand flowers a thousand stories.

HM: What inspired your collection?

LD: The collection is an eclectic catwalk jewellery range inspired by Paper Jewellery, Italy and Roman mythology with a specific focus on sacred flowers and fruits; influenced by a trip to Italy last summer. The jewellery avenue was inspired after working with a jewellery designer in London.

When looking into materials the inspiration initially came from paper jewellery techniques; applying them to a material which used in this way will supply each individual piece with more longevity, practicality and wear ability. The different leathers are attractive to look at and use textures and tones to create truly interesting three dimensional forms on the body; something a little out of the ordinary.

The unique selling point of this collection is the innovation of each piece being able to change form to suit the wearer. Although each piece of jewellery has specific base components; they are all interchangeable for the wearer to alter according to their personality and occasion. The collection also offers future ventures, where by perhaps the customer could buy new components to add to their existing pieces. It illustrates a new form of fashion jewellery in which there is no use of sewing, welding or gluing. The pieces simply fit. 

HM: What has been the highlight of your studies?

LD: I think the highlight of my studies has to be that Derby University offers students the opportunity to undertake the DPP (Diploma in Professional Practise) year. I think there is a real change in the way I think and work since completing mine last year. It has given me much more of an insight into the industry I wish to work in and I think enhanced my work and determination for this final year.

And of course my final collection! I have loved every minute of creating the pieces and seeing the collection come together!

HM: What are your plans for after you graduate? 

LD: During my time at University I have learnt that my real passion lies in accessory design and this is definitely what I hope to take forward into my career. I have spent time branding myself as an accessory designer and would love to establish my brand ‘Malia.x’ within the industry. During my sandwich year I worked with a number of upcoming businesses and I think this has taught me a lot about starting out and the importance of PR (as well as undertaking an internship with Topman Press office). I hope to take both skills I have learnt and build up on them.

Photography: Ewan Mathers

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