Feature: Review - Rope, performed by The Marlowe Players

Tom went along to see the group's latest performance, directed by Tamzin Grayson.

As somebody more familiar with the Alfred Hitchcock-directed screen adaptation, I was intrigued to see Rope in the form it was originally intended.

The play starts shortly after Wyndam Brandon (Rob Hodkinson) and Charles Granillo (John Freeman) have murdered fellow undergraduate, Ronald Kentley and hidden his body in a chest that takes centre stage. The two actors wonderfully juxtapose their demeanour, the former cockily making reference to the deed, while the latter nervously quaffs whiskey and struggles to cope with what they have done.

Party guests unwittingly join in with conversation that skirts tantalisingly close to the gruesome secret, with direct references made to the victim. Only one guest – Rupert Cadell (Chris Davies) - harbours any suspicion, which grows as the evening progresses before he finally confronts the pair in the final act. Davies played the role tremendously and that proved integral to the tension that the talented group create. Good set design also played a role - a convincing portrayal of a 1920's middle class lounge, complete with faux thunderstorm!

Overall, it is a confident and well-realised performance of the story. Be sure to check out the group's next play, Shakespeare Country, in March of next year.

Tags:  Marlowe Players Rope Theatre Amateur dramatics

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