News: New Artistic Director invites professional theatre artists and creatives to get in touch

Derby Theatre’s new Artistic Director, Sarah Brigham is now in post and one of her priorities is to get to know as many locally-based professional artists and creative people, from across the East Midlands, as possible who have worked in, or who are currently working in, professional theatre.

Sarah and Derby Theatre already has good, strong links with locally-based professional artists, creatives and arts organisations but Sarah is keen that no one ‘slips through the net’ and that the local arts community are kept in the loop with opportunities and resources that might be available to them; including casting, arts-related discussions, professional development, partnerships and networking.

Sarah said: “For me a local theatre should be a place where local artists feel at home, it seems to make sense that one of the first things I should do is to get to know who lives within a stone’s throw of the theatre and works in theatre. I’d like Derby Theatre to build a strong database of local artists; so I’m inviting actors, composers, directors, designers, playwrights, theatre companies and anyone else who works in professional theatre, and is based in the East Midlands, to get in touch. Please send us your CV and/or company profile so that we are aware of your portfolio and can consider you for future opportunities”
In the forthcoming season Derby Theatre is also planning on offering networking sessions for artists and professional development opportunities.
If you work in professional theatre, and are based in the East Midlands area, please send your CV and/or profile to:
For professional actors/actresses: .
For professional designers, composers, playwrights, theatre companies etc:
For more information about Derby Theatre, including details of our current season, please visit
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