Feature: Dandelion Radio

Derby-based DJ Mark Cunliffe plays a huge variety of great music on his show, including his favourite local bands.

The late John Peel was an exponent of countless hours of original and interesting music on his renowned BBC Radio 1 show, and his legacy is an enduring influence over music lovers everywhere. Dandelion Radio is an independent, online radio station that continues where Peel's show left off, bringing a plethora of exciting bands, artists and producers to its listeners.

Dandelion DJ Mark Cunliffe plays music from all over the globe but endeavours to include all his favourite music from Derby on his show and often records exclusive live sessions with local artists. Previous featured acts include Ruth Bellamy, Crushing Blows, The Dust Collectors and Alex Blood & The Diggers.

The station has sixteen DJs in its ranks, so is able to broadcast daily, around the clock. There's also an iPad/iPhone app available to download from the website so you can listen on the move.

Mark has 4 live tracks from Hallouminati making up the session in his upcoming February show and is currently mixing a session from Haiku Salut that he recorded last Saturday, which will go out in March.


Visit the website: http://www.dandelionradio.com/

Download the free app

Mark's Soundcloud page (featuring several sessions from previous shows)

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