Feature: The Sons

Forthcoming album from The Sons is an all-inclusive project

Derby-based pop rock band The Sons are currently in the process of recording their third- and potentially final – album, and all with a little help from their fans.

Following on from the success of their two previous studio releasesThe Sons turned to Kickstarter in order to raise money towards producing a new album, coming tantalisingly close to success with an exciting campaign that left them just £3000 short of their £15000 target, and in line with Kickstarter’s rules, the band was left with nothing.

Defeat, however, inspired them to launch an all new campaign, Plan B, in order to raise the funds desperately needed in order to complete the new album. As with Kickstarter and similar crowdfunding sites, those who donate money will receive a little something in return for their cash with the rewards ranging from a download of the new album to a complete history of The Sons, a package comprising everything the band has ever released on record or film. Generous donors also have the chance to be immortalised in music history with their name and photograph printed in the liner notes of the forthcoming album.

But cash isn’t the only thing The Sons have sought from their fans – in a rather unique twist, the band have also invited pre-release feedback from those who know their music best. In early April,one-minute snippets were sent to everyone who had contributed to Plan B - letting the fans hear the "rough mixes" then comment on the music, rank the songs in order of their favourite, and say whether or not the song should be included on the album.  In this way, the band has been able to give their backers a "behind the scenes" view of the recording process as well as a say on what should be included on the album, making the whole process truly inclusive.

The band have so far raised less than half of what they need to complete the album and are still seeking new pledges. Those who donate by 31st May will get to hear and provide feedback on the second batch of new songs. Influenced by a diverse assortment of artists including Fleetwood Mac, Radiohead, The Pixies, and Paul Simon, The Sons’ new record promises to be worth every penny.

The Sons hope to release the album early next year, and in the meantime are spending the summer honing their new material at a number of gigs and festivals, including the reputable Y Not Festival alongside the likes of The Cribs, Ash and The Mystery Jets.

For more information on The Sons and for a full listing of upcoming gigs, visit their website. If you'd like to make a donation towards the forthcoming album, visit the online shop.

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