Feature: Review - 'In The Night' by Charlotte Carpenter

Pete reviews In The Night, the latest release from folk singer-songwriter, Charlotte Carpenter.

We first became aware of Charlotte Carpenter's music last year and were so struck by her talent that we immediately asked her to come and record a live session for us. At the time, Charlotte was nearing completion of her final year at the University of Derby and was on the cusp of signing her first proper record deal.

A little over a year since our first encounter with this talented folk songstress, we are treated to the release of her new EP 'In The Night'; four tracks that Charlotte explains are all based around the theme of platonic love and loss. In The Night is in short, a fantastic record that evidences just how far Charlotte has come in such a short space of time.

Opener, Blame It On Anything is a thing of beauty that builds slowly as it goes with gorgeous arrangement, finding its creator in reflective mood as she sings of self-enforced solitude and reticence. Turn To Dust picks up the pace a little with the introduction of some simple percussion and Charlotte's vocal exhibiting a tangible energy throughout, particularly in the final chorus in which the final few vociferous lines make the hairs on the back of your neck prick up.

What Became Of Us, is the poppiest track on the EP with a sound halfway between that of Laura Marling and Ellie Goulding and possessing the best attributes of both. and Charlotte has evidently saved the best til last. A brooding, melancholic verse makes way for the rumbling drums and bassy piano of the chorus in a delightfully crafted number that brings a fitting end to the record.

Throughout the record, Charlotte demonstrates that she has more than retained her ability to write catchy melodies and hooks that will have the listener humming these four tracks, long after they've been heard. Her lyrics continue to be charming, honest and intelligent and in truth, everything about In The Night is worthy of praise, from the song structuring and musicianship to Charlotte's incredible voice - the power of which belies her diminutive stature.

On the evidence of this, Charlotte is an act to get genuinely excited about and her first full album is something we eagerly await. In the meantime, you can purchase In The Night from iTunes.

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