Feature: Review: Conversational Skills for the Socially Anxious - Alright The Captain

Instrumental three-piece launch new album.

Alright the Captain have somehow found time in their relentless relentless touring schedule to record a new album, Conversational Skills for the Socially Anxious,  for release on May 18th on Field records.

The album title is somewhat ironic, given that the band do not have a vocalist. This is perhaps deliberate. The trio are purveyors of noisy, experimental music and seem keen to let their music do the talking.

The band weave many diverse threads into their sound, drawn from influences including dubstep, math rock and electronica. The elements come together to make an energetic, cohesive whole on the new album. The songs were recorded live at Snug Recording Co. in Derby in an effort to capture the energy of the band's gigs. This works to great effect as the performance is rhythmically very tight despite the complexity of the material. In addition to the rhythmic prowess of the band, they make plenty of time for melody and indeed some big riffs.

Whilst being loud and frantic is something the band do very well, they are also aware of the value of a shift to an occasional sparse or delicate moment. The songs evolve in their dynamics in a wonderfully fluid way throughout.

At just over a quarter of an hour in length, it's an album that certainly leaves you wanting more. So have more. Put it on again.

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