News: Mascot Fight Release New Video

The Indie quartet release the video for latest track, 'Ted Danson Dream'.

'Ted Danson Dream' is from the band's forthcoming album, 'Abscond and Hey Presto!' It was done in-house and members of the band devised, shot edited and starred in the video. The footage was recorded to betamax tapes to give it it's dated appearance.

The video stars the group's vocalists and guitarists, Tom and Sean, as fictional chat show host Bob Barrington-Earle and the - also fictional - eccentric actor Diego Barnes, respectively. It also features fleeting cameos from bassist, Matt and drummer, Rich.

Abscond and Hey Presto! is due for release later this year. Mascot Fight's next gig is at the Hairy Dog this Sunday, supporting Evans The Death.

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