News: Love & Other Chairs Casting Now Open

Casting is now open for YSP Media's up coming short Love & Other Chairs, the darkly comic tale of a lonely, depressed, wreck of a man living in a house full of chairs.

YSP Media aim to shoot the film in Derby with the roles available required for 1 day’s filming between 29th-31st March, the exact of these 3 dates to be confirmed soon. Roles available are expenses only, YSP Media will provide travel and food costs for the day’s filming in Derby. See below for details of the roles available.

Role #1: Kate

Julian’s wife, a naturally beautiful woman with a bright demeanour and full of kindness. At the onset of her marriage, she begins to feel unwell and is mysteriously transformed into a chair. Lead female role opposite Julian. Age range 30-35, female, caucasian.

Role #2: Danielle

The first woman Julian meets after his relationship takes a turn for the worst. Their encounter in a bar doesn’t end too well for Julian either! Danielle is vivacious, confident but is also empathetic. Age range 25-35, female, non-specific ethnicity.

Role #3: Stacey

A woman in the bar where Julian drowns his sorrows. His arrival forces her night in an entirely unexpected direction. She’s fun, excitable but also judgemental. Non speaking role. Age range 20-35, female, non-specific ethnicity.

Role #4: Megan

Another woman in the bar and Stacey’s friend. She’s quiet, a little bit timid but much more outspoken after a few drinks. She’s shocked by the bedraggled Julian’s arrival. Non speaking role. Age range 20-35, female, non-specific ethnicity.

Role #5: Woman At Cashpoint

A nervous woman out late at night visiting a cashpoint when Julian arrives in a delirious state. Non speaking role. Age range 30-40, female, caucasian

Role #6: Jogger

A woman out for a morning jog past Julian’s house as he emerges looking like a wreck. She’s sporty, active and a bit of a fitness freak. Non speaking role. Age range 25-40, female, non-specific ethnicity.

If you’re interested in any of the above roles, please the film’s director Christopher Bevan at with a CV, headshot and showreel if available.

More information about the film can be found on the YSP Media website, for up to date info follow Love And Other Chairs on  You can also back the film by donating on Indiegogo

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