Feature: Q&A with... AnimatID

Katie caught up with one of Derby's newest and exciting business to find out exactly what an animated logo is and why everyone needs one!

HM: How did AnimatID start?

AI: We all run our own separate businesses, Mair and Richie in animation and Ben in music production, and we decided to come together to offer animated logos because no one else was doing it in this area.  And because we’re ace.

HM: How long has the business been running?

AI: We’ve been animating logos for clients for a year now but in actual fact we only “officially” launched in March because we’ve been so busy!

HM: How did you all meet?

AI: Here and there.  The first time we all worked together was on an animated interview with Bill Bailey, which was quite a surreal experience.  As it was all done online, Richie and Ben didn’t actually meet in person until the finished film was played at Quad.

HM: What do you do individually?

AI: Mair is an animator and illustrator for Mair Perkins Ltd, Richie runs , doing animation and motion graphics, and Ben runs Haynes Music Productions, providing production and composition.

HM: What's the process of animating a logo?

AI: It’s pretty simple: Anyone can email us their logo on a form on our website.  We’ll then chat with them about what ideas we have for animating it and present them with a storyboard for them to approve.  Then we go about animating it and when they’re happy with it we add a sound or music ident.  The whole process takes 3-5 days.

HM: Why do businesses need their logos animating?

AI: There are loads of uses; animated logos are no longer the preserve of major Hollywood film companies.  Businesses can use them on Youtube, in presentations, on their website and in their social media.  Video boosts your Google rankings and an animated logo just adds a little extra professionalism to what you’re doing.  Or you can just put on your phone or tablet to show off to your family; I think that’s what most people do.

HM: Where can Hatch'd readers find out more about AnimatID?

AI: We have a website, a , , and we can often be found in the pubs of Derby trying to have serious business meetings but in fact just getting verily wasted; usually at pub quiz nights.

HM: Anything else you'd like to tell the Hatch'd readers?

AI: Don’t have us on your pub quiz team.  We’re great at animating logos; but rubbish at general knowledge.


Want to find out exactly what an animated logo is and the process, watch this video put together by AnimatID

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