Feature: Hersandmine

Personalised pictures offered by new bespoke drawing business.

Hersandmine is a brand new bespoke drawing service from 26 year-old Derby-based artist Anthony Page. An architectural technician by trade, Anthony began creating hand-drawn art pieces as gifts for friends and family.

“Last Christmas, my fiancé and I decided that I would draw a piece for her auntie and uncle as a gift. As they had recently lost one of their two dogs we decided I would draw a picture, in my usual style, of the two dogs together as it would be something she would treasure forever. When we took it round to them on Christmas Eve we were so excited to see their faces we insisted they opened it right away. They opened the package and you could really see how much it meant to them.

Seeing how happy they were was great. It got me to thinking, imagine if I could offer these drawings to everyone, a unique piece of artwork for them to treasure forever, be it, their home, car, pet or any other prized possession. They could own a bespoke piece of artwork nobody else would own and it would have great sentimental value to them.

I want to create gifts that really mean something to people.”

His work was so well received that he decided to start up his business, Hersandmine, and is now widely offering his creative services. Anthony has already received an overwhelming response to his brand new business, which only kicked off at the beginning of this year, and is keen to continue making these unique, personal artworks for people to treasure.

As well as offering beautiful framed hand-drawn pieces, Hersandmine can also create wedding invitations and greeting cards, and are open to other suggestions!

If you’re interested in drawings by Hersandmine, you can contact them via their website:


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