Feature: Charlotte Dodd

Charlotte's a third year visual communcation & illustration student at the University of Derby. Hatch'd caught up with her to find out about how she got started, her love for printmaking and her career plans as a tattoo artist. 

From a very young age I have been passionate about drawing so much so that my maths, science and other school books mainly consisted of doodles. Until I left school, I was always encouraged by family members to pursue a more academic choice other than art or illustration, but I'm sure it soon became clear to them and myself that illustration and creation was what I wanted and needed to do for the rest of my life.

After leaving school, I enrolled on a Btec national diploma in Art and Design at Newcastle-under-lyme college, which broadened my options and taught me basic skills throughout the vast areas of design. After specialising in illustration in the final year, I had explored the topic enough to feel confident in taking my skills to a University level and left with a portfolio that I was proud of. From here, I knew the facilities and course at Derby University were right for me and had enough to offer.

The first year was quite similar to the Btec but I was introduced to printmaking, little did I know how much I would enjoy and pursue this traditional method. I found silk-screen printmaking to be a thoroughly rewarding means of communication through illustration for myself, and ensured that I would spend as much time in the print sheds as possible over the coming years at Uni!

After developing my skills through printmaking as well as collage and line drawing the end of my University life looks promising and I should come out the other side with a decent and interesting portfolio to promote myself. I have always been interested in tattooing and find that being a good illustrator is a major component to this as well as hard word and passion. Over the next year I hope to become a tattoo apprentice and continue this as a life long career. In the mean time, I currently do freelance work and try and attend any events/exhibitions to keep the creative juices flowing. 

To see more of Charlotte's work, visit her . 

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