Feature: Five Minutes With... Anna Casey

Guest writer Ruth Gray caught up with multi-media textiles artist, Anna Casey. 

HM: Tell us about what you do?

AC: I am Anna Krystyna Casey a multi-media textiles artist- I love manipulating fabrics and altering them and entrapping them in other materials to make them behave in ways you wouldn’t really expect. Using my range of processes and  techniques, I create Sculptures and artworks. I also have a range of jewellery and homeware, which feature my distinctive crochet trapped in glass. 
HM: How did you get into it?

AC: I’ve always been creative, and studied art and design since school. After graduating from university I have been turning passion into a business!

HM: What are the best and worst aspects of what you do?
AC: I love making my work, and feel privileged to do what I love for a job- but the ‘running a business’ bit is hard work- accounts, admin, marketing etc! It can also be quite isolating- long days in the studio on my own, but when I get out to events to meet new people and introduce them to my work, it’s all worth it!
HM: What’s been inspiring you lately?
AC: It sounds quite vein- but my own work!! Lately I have been developing and improving on existing pieces of work, as I have had lots of ideas of new ways of using my current imagery and techniques. I’m also looking forward to starting a new collection soon- I’m currently being inspired by Lichen, cocoons and honeycomb! Hopefully a new sculpture or too will appear in 2014!!
HM: Finally, is there anything in the pipeline you'd like to tell Hatch'd about?
AC: I’ve got a busy few months ahead! I’m looking forward to Derbyshire Open Arts, it’s my first year, but my biggest event is my solo show- a site specific instillation on the fourth floor of The National Centre for Craft and Design, opening June 10th. After that, lots of summer exhibitions and craft fairs!
To find out more about Anna and her work you can visit her website, or follow her on . 
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